Safety Meeting Notes

Safety Meeting at Barcelona on Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

  • Meeting started at approximately 9:40 am
  • Lieutenant Landis and Officer Kelly from 3rd District led the meeting and presentation
  • A full house with at least 35 people in attendance (maybe more!) 
  • Lt. Landis gave a general overview of the state of safety / crime in the EPA neighborhood and commercial corridor – 
  • Good news! EPA is among the safest commercial corridors in the city with the least amount of crime in comparison to other corridors in philadelphia.
  • Patrol officers who are travelling north to the 3rd District or other PPD Stations from South / South Broad are required to take East Passyunk Avenue as their route – for them to have as many eyes on the ave as possible. (As of right now, there is no funding for more officers to be assigned to EPA on a routine basis, aside from PO Jim Kelly).
  • Officer Kelly went through all of the things that business owners should do to protect themselves, their staff and their stores from being a victim of crime
    • i.e.: Cameras – if you have multiple cameras, have one pointed toward the door, one towards the street, one towards the register.
    • Keep (some)  interior lights on after closing. Thieves are less likely to break into a store that is illuminated and can be seen from the street at night.
    • Merchants can get a police escort at any time to make bank deposits.
    • If closing late, try to leave with someone else.
    • Keep staff’s bags and personal items locked up.
    • If dining out, put purses / bags on the floor, under the table, between your feet.
  • General discussion and questions:
    • Broad and Snyder: looking much better! ACAM street cleaners have dedicated more resources to the intersection to keep it looking better and the fact that there is a public school on the corner – allows the City to dedicate more resources to the area. (aka police stationed outside SPHS).
    • Corner store (SW corner Broad and Snyder) is a known drug distribution location but will take multiple undercover operations until a ‘bust’ can be made and business forced to close. Not much of an alternative solution otherwise.
    • CVS / Wells Fargo up by Reed does have a more recent homeless problem. Lieutenant Landis routinely has homeless services make welfare checks, calls homeless services, etc. All service agencies have been out there and continue to make visits. PARC is also involved in calling agencies to assist with homeless encampments and will continue to monitor the problem areas
  • There are 2 undercover police officers with unmarked vehicles that are routinely stationed on or near East Passyunk (Most likely can be found between Broad and Snyder to EPA).
  • The only criminal activity (that anyone is aware of) was the break-in to the garden shed on Le Virtu’s property in January.
  • Rebecca gave updates about high tech camera installation to take place later this spring.
  • We will also make sure that all businesses have the proper contact information for city agencies – Homeless, Drug Crisis, etc. And send out the info for Ace Delgado’s Town Hall Meeting – monthly at the 3rd District

We hope to host another All Avenue meeting dedicated to Safety at least 2x per year – one leading up to holidays and another in spring; more can be scheduled if there is a need.

Please contact Rebecca with any questions! or 323-791-4394.

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